March 6, 2016 The Infatuation

Where to Eat With Vegetarians in Austin

It’s no secret Austin knows it’s way around meats - we’re in one of the greatest BBQ cities in the world. But vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants? They may not be something we’re known for, but they are something Austin does almost just as well. We have all those hippie Austin pioneers to thank for laying the all-natural eating groundwork in this city. And lately, with some newcomers to the category, vegetarian and vegan food in Austin has gotten even better. When you’re going to eatRead more

March 4, 2016 The Culture Trip

The Top 10 Super Healthy Restaurants in Austin

Austin, Texas has been known for some great restaurants and food trucks. It is also a very vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly city. If you follow a strict diet or just want to grab a delicious and healthy meal, we have you covered. Here is our list of Austin restaurants where you can grab a healthy meal.Read more

January 22, 2016 Culturemap Austin

Five Austin restaurants where eating healthy is anything but boring

We’ve chosen our top five spots to enjoy a healthy, unforgettable meal, so whatever your price point, location, or choice of atmosphere we’ve got you covered.Read more

January 6, 2016 Zagat Austin

12 Delicious Vegetarian Entrees in Austin

Now that the new year has begun, resolutions are in full swing and healthy (or healthier) eating is undoubtedly at the top of everyone's list. If you've resolved to eat less meat in the new year, many restaurants around town are making it easier than ever by offering some extraordinary vegetarian entrees that could sway even the staunchest carnivores. With dishes like these, every day could be Meatless Monday!Read more

December 21, 2015 GO Magazine

Women at the Helm: Meet 16 dynamos who are true models of success

ELAINE MARTIN: Founder and Owner, Eastside Cafe and Elaine’s. Nobody could ever accuse Elaine Martin of not paying her dues. “I knew very early on that I wanted to own my own restaurant,” the founder, owner and chef of Austin, Texas' Eastside Cafe says.Read more