May 16, 2016 Orange Magazine

Urban Farming and the Power of Produce

Eastside Cafe, located just off of Manor Road in East Austin, specializes in hearty homestyle meals, utilizing ingredients from their very own garden. “We don’t grow everything we serve, but we serve everything we grow,” says Eastside founder Elaine Martin. When it opened in 1988, Eastside became one of the developers in the movement towards urban-grown food.Read more

May 1, 2016 MSN

50 Must-Try Restaurants in Austin

This quaint East Austin eatery grows their own produce and herbs in a huge garden in the back of the restaurant. Eastside Cafe is casual enough for a first Tinder date, but also nice enough for brunch with your parents.Read more

March 29, 2016 Zagat

8 Veteran Austin Chefs You Need to Know

A handful of veteran chefs have been in the game since long before Austin was hailed a food city, and they're still going strong. See what's kept them inspired and successful through the years. Read more

March 25, 2016 About Austin Guide

Eastside Cafe Brunch Review

The quaint little house is the perfect setting for a first date or a quiet evening away from the kids. The homey environment just seems to put everyone at ease. The menu exudes freshness, thanks in part to the garden out back. Read more

March 24, 2016 Austin Food Magazine

9 Delicious Spots to Get Waffles in Austin

National Waffle Day is Friday, March 25, 2016 and fortunately for all of us Austinites, there are several delicious places to devour the best waffles in the city has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of the 9 delicious spots to cure your waffle cravings here in ATX. Breakfast can’t come fast enough! Read more

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